Can You Really Make Money Flipping Houses?

It’s a common question these days. Is it really possible to make a ton of money flipping houses and quit your regular full time job? With all of the house flipping shows on TV they make it seem easy to pocket anywhere between 40k and 100k just flipping one house in just a couple of months. That’s more than a lot of people make in a year, so it seems very appealing. But are they really making that much money? What are the other costs?

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Agents And Closing Costs

I often wonder if in that final projection of their profit are they taking out for the realtor fees and closing costs? It’s not uncommon for agents commissions and closing costs to take up as much as 9% of your selling price. That’s a big chunk of change. Now you might be able to do some searching and find a brokerage that will list the house for only 1%, but still more than likely the buyer will have an agent that will require at least 3%.

An important thing to remember from what I have seen is that the lower your commission the less agents will take notice of your listing. Think about it, if you were an agent and could possibly sell a house that has a full 3 or 4% commission or one that has only 1%, which property are you going to show to a qualified buyer? So sure you might save a few bucks in commissions, but on the flip side you might sit on the property longer only paying more in finance charges for the property as well as insurance and utilities.


Just like every other business, good ole Uncle Sam is going to want his share, and in the case of flipping houses, he wants a big share. Sterling White has this to say about Uncle Sam and his share –

One big flaw in the house flipping model is taxes. Uncle Sam takes a huge chunk of the profits in tax on flipped properties. It’s extreme. Most overlook the fact that they are going to have to give up 20% to 40% of their profits in taxes. If flippers have already spent the money by the time they get their tax bill, a vicious cash crunch cycle can kick in. Most won’t enjoy being chased down by the IRS for $50,000 or $500,00 in past taxes.

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20% to 40% – that’s another big hunk of change out of your pocket!

So now we are looking at almost half of your projected profits gone between agents, closing costs and taxes.


This is often overlooked when it comes to flipping properties. Your time is extremely valuable! On your first flip you may have to miss time from work and at least spend evenings and weekends at the property. If you are having to miss time from your regular job, this is something you will most definitely have to factor in.

Holding Costs

Even if you are able to quickly make the repairs and updates to the property, you still will have holding costs. What are these?

Holding costs before, during, and after renovations can stack up, which is why it’s always best to flip and sell as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible; a crash in the economy can turn buyers off or the location you’ve chosen may not be desirable enough; and these are just 2 of many other reasons why your house might not sell as quickly as you’d like. All the time you’re holding onto it, you’re paying the mortgage (if necessary), taxes, utilities, insurance, and maintenance, costs that will eat into your profit margin.

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Holding costs can add up really fast, especially if you used a hard money loan to purchase the property. Learn more about hard money loans and what they are in our previous article.


Yes, you can make money flipping houses. However it’s not for the faint of heart, and for sure don’t think it’s going to be as easy as what you see on TV.

Probably the best bit of advice I can give you is to find a local, reputable investor that has done a lot of flips to teach you the ropes and help avoid the pitfalls. Sure their knowledge is going to come at a price, but in the end it could mean the difference between actually making a profit and losing your shirt.


We Buy Houses Pros And Cons

It seems like everywhere you turn you see on the side of the road those “We Buy Houses” or “Sell Your House Fast” signs. The question is, is this the right way to sell your house?

Right off the bat, if you have ample time to sell your house and aren’t facing some dire situation, then no, you are much better off selling your house through an agent. Yes you will have to pay more in commissions, but on average a realtor will get you more money for your house as well as handle all of the headaches that come with selling a property.

However, there are situations where it does make sense to sell your house to one of these companies. If the house has major issues such as foundation, then these companies are a great alternative.

So lets look at some of the pros and cons of selling your house to a we buy houses company.


1: It’s easy. You don’t have to go through the trouble of finding a good realtor that will actually work to sell your house

2: You don’t have to clean your house from top to bottom. No worrying about dirty dishes in the sink for a surprise visit from an interested buyer.

3: Generally these companies pay with cash which allows them to close fast. Some companies claim to be able to close in as little as just 1 week. Forbes has more on this –

Flexible Payment Options – Investors may offer various payment methods such as certified funds, cash, pre-scheduled cash payments, or perhaps they may even take over the existing mortgage completely. With multiple options available, sellers may find a solution that suits their needs.

Cash Offers – Quite often investors are willing to pay cash for a home and with the recent tightening of financial restrictions, coupled with the growing number of complaints about low appraisals, having a cash buyer has become even more appealing.

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4: You don’t have to worry about making any kind of repairs. If your house needs a new roof or the AC is out, these companies love houses like these.


1: Selling price! This is huge. We touched on this a little already, but if you can make the repairs to your house yourself, or hire a contractor to do them for you – do it! You will almost always get more money for your house selling it to a retail buyer through an agent. This is what Max Real Estate Exposure has to say about it:

When you hire a real estate agent, he or she is working to make you as much money as possible from your sale. The Realtor takes a percentage of the sale price as financial compensation, so he or she is motivated to fetch the best price. If a real estate agent believes that he or she can sell your home, there is a good chance that you can make more than you would if you sell to a house flipping company. In fact, I will go out on a limb as say you are GUARANTEED to get far more money when you list your home with a real estate agent. Selling to a real estate investor will almost always end up netting you less money!

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2: Scams. You have to be very careful who you are dealing with. There are a lot of unscrupulous people out there that will try and take you. Before you decide to deal with a company be sure and check them on the web for reviews, and that they are a  legitimate company. More on this from Big State Home Buyers:

To avoid scam artists posing as investors, get the name of the investor and do research online to see who they are. Ask for references and look them up with the Better Business Bureau. While this is a start, there is actually a lot you can do yourself to make sure you are working with a credible and reliable company.

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All in all, there are certain situations where it makes sense to sell your house to a “we buy houses” company. However, for the majority of sellers, selling your house through an agent makes more sense. If your situation requires the use of one of these companies, just be sure and do some research on the company before signing on the dotted line.

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Staging Your Home To Sell Quickly

Having to sell your house and move isn’t the most fun thing to do. However, you can make it a lot easier to sell your house if you get it ready before putting it on the market. This is true whether or not you choose to try and sell your house yourself (FSBO) or higher a real estate agent. One of the best things you can do to help get your house under contract faster is to properly stage it. Staging is simply having the bare necessities in your home to help buyers visualize the property as their own as well as define spaces. This will most likely the first of a few posts about properly staging your house. If you need to sell your house, keep reading 🙂

Staging Your Living Room To Sell Your Home Quickly

The first and most important thing you have to do either with or without an agent is clean your house from top to bottom. Make sure everything is put away in it’s place and remove as much clutter as possible. It is a good idea to rent a storage bin or unit when getting ready to sell. This will help you 2 ways. One, you have less things in your home for showings and two – you are getting ahead of the game for moving!

Don’t forget about the yard. Make sure you perform all of the basics like cutting the grass, trimming hedges and depending on what time of year it is, plant some flowers. This is what is known as “curb appeal”. You want potential buyers to get a nice warm feeling about the property when they first arrive. You only get one chance to make a good first impression.

Now onto the meat of staging.  Let’s start with the living room and/or family room.






The Home Buyer Institute put up some good info –

Staging the Family Room / Living Room

  • Clear the room of family portraits and other items that say “you don’t live here” to buyers.
  • Arrange the room in a conversational way, if it’s not that way already. Try different furniture arrangements until you get the best fit.
  • Choose a nice and warm paint color for the living room. Use neutral tones in this space. That doesn’t mean you are limited to beige. There are plenty of warm colors that will neutralize the space, while also adding visual interest. These include the softer shades of green, blue and brown.
  • “Neutral” does not have to be boring. You can liven up a neutral color scheme with colorful accent items, such as pillows and rugs. Color-coordinate these items for a professional and “put together” appearance.
  • Let the room breathe. If it’s crowded or hard to walk through due to having too much furniture, remove some items and place them in storage.
    Consider renting furniture for staging purposes. If your family room ensemble consists of that old couch from college days and a cheap table with wobbly legs, replace them with some nice rental pieces.
  • If the furniture is a bit worn but otherwise intact, use a slip cover as a low-cost way to enhance the appearance of your couch and chairs. Slip covers can also help you neutralize overly bright or “loud” fabric colors.
  • If you have a mantle, make sure it’s not overloaded with knick knacks. A couple of well-placed items (like a vase or flower arrangement) are all you need.
  • If you have a fireplace in this room, make it the focal point and the star of the show. Arrange seating to face the fireplace. Remove the TV if it’s too large — a huge television will draw attention away from the fireplace.

Remember, people want a living room or family room area that seems open and inviting. Make the room airy and bright, and arrange furniture for the best possible flow. Replace or cover worn furniture as needed. When people naturally want to sit down and spend time in the room, you’ve achieved your home-staging goals for the room!

Continue reading “Home Staging Tips – How to Stage a House for Sale

All of that is great advice. We would emphasize that you need to remove as many personal items as you can, especially family pictures. The object is to help the buyer visualize the property as their own.

In addition to their tips you want to make sure that all of the children’s toys are put away. This can be rather hard if you have small children because it almost seems like they are wired to make a mess! If you are selling with an agent then you can ask them to give a few hours notification before showing the home so that you have enough time to do a quick cleaning.

And speaking of cleaning, you are going to have to keep the house as clean as possible at all times so that you won’t have so much to do when someone shows up to look at the house. Make sure there are no dirty dishes in the sink and all of your laundry is done.


Staging your house is something that is frequently overlooked by seller. However it is extremely important. If you have a good real estate agent, they will be able to help you with some good ideas to help you properly stage your house for a quick sale. Otherwise you may have to hire a professional stager, or do some serious online research, apply some techniques and then ask some friends and family what they think. Stay tuned for more on staging.

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Digital Marketing And Your Real Estate Business

Much like everything else – everything changes. It used to be the best forms of advertising were the radio, television and the phone books. Those days are long gone, and now digital marketing is by far the best place to be spending your advertising dollars for your real estate business.

There are so many ways to use digital marketing to help grow your real estate business. Which method will work best for you may be a toss up, but the important thing is to just do it, and get your name and your brand out there for people to recognize.


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When the internet first came along all you had to be concerned with was a website. Now you have FaceBook, Twitter, SnapChat, LinkedIn, YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram and a lot of others.

The most important thing to have is a website. If you don’t already have one, you need to get with the times! This is the base point for all of your digital advertising and for people to find out the most about you and your business.

Next we would suggest using a FaceBook company page. A company page is different from your personal page. With your personal page you are connecting with all of your friends and family and sharing what is happening with your personal life. With a company page, it’s just that, a page about your business and how you can help someone solve their problems or be of service to other people or businesses.

Twitter is another great platform that you should consider using. Again, you want to have a company profile and would not suggest that you use your personal profile. With twitter you are limited to a 140 characters in your tweets, but that is plenty to get your message across if you word it properly.

Another platform that we see taking off is YouTube. YouTube is the second largest search platform behind Google itself. To us we see that video is the future of the internet, especially when it comes to marketing. Today’s busy people that are overwhelmed with their jobs and taking care of their family would rather WATCH the internet than read it. It just makes sense to be using this platform before your competition does. We have also seen where people don’t like to be on camera and make what are known as “white board” drawings to convey their marketing message. These type videos are wildly popular right now because they are so engaging with all of their cute little animated characters.

Of course, there are a lot of other social media platforms out there, but the previous 3 are probably the most widely recognized and used.

An important point to remember with all of your social media profiles for your business is to make sure and link back to your website when making posts. This brings us to another point about all of your digital marketing properties, and that is SEO.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is the process of optimizing all of your website and social media properties to get found easier in the search engines.

When you create all of your social media properties it is very important to fill out the descriptions and about pages in full. Describe your business and how you can help people solve their problems with your business services. This helps the search engines as well as the different platforms understand your business better and list it properly when people are searching for your services.

Once you have all of your properties created, the most important thing to remember is to be active on the sites, otherwise they won’t give you the results that you are expecting. With social media, the keyword is in the name – social. You need to interact with people on a regular basis to obtain more followers and potential clients.

One thing you can do is find different platforms that can post automatically for you across all of your platforms on a regular basis. One place that works well is Hootsuite. You can log in to your account on Sunday or first thing Monday morning and schedule a bunch of posts to go out on a schedule during the week.  You will still want to check on your accounts every couple of days so that you can answer and respond to any people that are reaching out to you.

Digital marketing isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. If you are relying on the old forms of advertising to grow your business, then your business is probably going to die a slow and painful death. For the sake of your business’s future you need to start making use of digital marketing to grow and expand.

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Atlanta Georgia Real Estate Investment Tips

Wow! Has the real estate market changed in the past few months – and for the better! One of our favorite real estate markets in the country is the Georgia market, and more specifcally, the Metro Atlanta area.

real estate investment properties

The real estate market in Atlanta Georgia will always be a good investment because of a couple reasons, people will always need a place to live, and businesses will need property in which to conduct their business, or manufacture their products. In this short article we will discuss different ways of investing in properties for rental income.

Real estate in Georgia, and especially around the Atlanta area, can be purchased solely for the purpose of using it as an investment property, or more commonly known as a  rental property. First of all you will get some tax deductions due to the fact that it is a business, but you will also be building equity since the property will probably appreciate in value over time.

Once the mortgage is paid, then the rental income is pure profit. This can be a long haul, and the real estate investor really has to have some cash set aside for repairs over the years.

Another way to accomplish much the same thing is to join a real estate investment group, This model works well for investors who don’t want the day to day management of dealing with broken toilets and fixing faucets. The group itself owns several rental properties and the group pools their money for repairs and such. The group has a chance to discuss new acquisitions, and there is some power and safety in a group effort like this. These can be hard to locate, and also one “flake” in the group can really mess thinigs up, so just make sure you know what you are getting into, and with whom.

Also, if you don’t want all the headaches of dealing with tenants at 3 in the morning because their toilet is backed up, you can also employ a management company that can take care of all the important repairs, and some of these companies can even keep the property rented for you.

A real estate investment trust, or a REIT is when investors invest in the trust which owns and manages income producing properties. Shares are issued in the REIT just like a mutual fund, and these shares can be bought and sold just like the shares in a mutual fund. The values of the shares will determine the value of the investment that a person makes in accordance with the amount of money invested.

The leverage in a real estate transaction is much greater than any other type of investment, as in a stock situation, even if you are buying on margin you still have to come up with the purchase money much sooner and for more money than you would with a real estate transaction.

Most mortgages that are conventional in nature require only 25% down and some mortgages only require 5% down, which gives a tremendous amount of leverage to an investor for purchasing investment properties.

These are just a few of the various ways that people can and do invest in Georgia real estate and acquire portfolios with a vast array of investment properties. As in all investments, the investor should plan carefully and assess all risks in light of his or her ability to withstand difficult economic times.

When purchasing real estate in and around the Atlanta area,  or any area for that matter, you should always assess the means of getting out of the real estate and doing so with the smallest possible loss. While that is not always possible, one should consider what it will take to liquidate and start over.

That is a serious concern for most real estate investors and it should be considered before investing in any Atlanta real estate investment. Of course if you don’t sell the property, you are not out any money, except for the expenses you will incur in property upkeep, taxes and insurance.

The best advice is to get to know your market and your property both backwards and forwards, and be willing to hold on to your property until conditions are very favorable to sell.

If you are looking for great, off-market wholesale investment properties in Georgia and all around the Atlanta area, you need to check out this company – This Great House L.L.C.  They have some tremendous wholesale deals on investment properties at deeply discounted prices for either investment properties as rentals and also properties for fix and flip from Central Georgia to North Georgia with an emphasis on the Metro Atlanta area.

Here is a video that tells you how to get in touch with them –


We have also found another great company that wholesales properties in Metro Atlanta, and here is a short video about them.

We have written this post to inform our readers of the great potential in real estate investing. The links in the article are to companies that we have done business with before and we recommend them. However, personal results with real estate investing will vary, depending on your knowledge and willingness to learn. We encourage you to do your own due diligence before purchasing any real estate for profit.

Owners Tips For Selling Your Home

Home Owner Tips To Sell HouseSo you own a property and you would like to sell it on your own. You must be desperately to know how to do it and get some advice. Here is what you want! I have listed valuable tips for selling your home. They will be good help for you, so keep them in mind.


1. Evaluation. Get your house evaluated. It may be easier and less complicated to sell your house with a set price you estimate to be fair. Although, it is important to have your house evaluated, in order to avoid ending up under-pricing or overpricing your property. What you want is to set the right price, since this will be a good help for you to sell your house faster.

2. Inspection. Have your property inspected. One of the important things you need to do before you put your home on the market is to get it inspected. This is because it is crucial to make your property in excellent condition and ready to be sold. Avoiding inspection and ending up finding out there are quite a few places need to be repaired around the house is the last thing you need to do, Therefore, you should make sure to have your house inspected.

3. Various Marketing. Try some different media and methods to list and market your house. One of the most obvious and best way to get attention to your home is to put a for sale sign at the front of your house. If you live in a country area, it will be harder to attract large number of potential buyers. But if you live in a busy area with constant stream of traffic, there is a big chance of attracting quite a few potential buyers regularly. So first things first, put a large sing at the front yard.

You could list your home in classified ad in the paper. This is another effective way to sell a house. Most of the papers have real estate or classified section and you can place your home in their list there. Quite a lot of people actually look into papers when they are searching houses to purchase, so if your property is on the list in the newspaper, you could get potential buyers knock at your door regularly.

Last of all, make a good use of websites. They are the media that connect house owners like yourself and potential buyers. Look for popular sites and choose those ones to list your property. Make sure you use multiple sites. Generally speaking, it is better to list your house on between 3 and 6 different websites. Then you have a better chance of selling your house fairly fast. You will notice there are quite a few websites like these, so it is important to do a good research and select the ones most popular or the one you like best.

Selling your house by your self doesn’t need to be that difficult. You have to be patient since it can take for a while until your home is actually sold. Still, if you remember and follow the tips listed above, selling your house on your own should not be that hard.

If you have a home in the Clearwater area of Florida, check out this company that will make you an offer on your house fast and hassle free – Sell House Fast Clearwater


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Inexpensive Projects To Sell Your Home

Oftentimes, folks feel it is expensive and over whelming to sell your home fast. It’s typically the opposite. You should ultimately be able to market your home to sell fast for almost nothing. Anytime you are trying to market your home to sell fast, the essential thing to make happen is to prepare with a good attitude to get things done.

inexpensive ways to sell your house fast


Devote your effort on the fundamentals. Remember, painting the inside of your house, changing the carpet, and cleaning up the yard could be integral methods to get prepared for selling your home fast without necessarily having to go broke. Don’t spend money on a realtor. You can sell your home by owner.


Expending too much money will probably not make you sell your home any faster. Therefore, don’t go searching for places to blow your cash when you market your home to sell fast. Check with family and friends to find a buyer for your home. You can also post in Facebook and other places to sell your home. These are generally free or cheap options that can help you successfully in selling your home quickly.


Find a Real Estate Investor who will buy your house in “as-is” condition Again, there are a variety of low-cost options to attain the final objectives to guide you through selling your home fast. Many investors will be willing to purchase your home in it’s present condition more widely known as buying your home in “as-is” condition.


The best advice is certainly to maintain your main focus as the first priority. More precisely, painting the inside of your house, changing the carpet and cleaning up the yard are parts you should definitely focus most of your time on. These are the things that can make the biggest impact on a potential buyer and get your home sold quicker.


Painting is great because you would remove stains on the walls, which is one of the essential goals for selling your home fast. Painting the inside of your house does not entail spending a lot of cash if you do it yourself, just be sure you do a good job and properly tape. You may also want to change out the carpet. And many times it may possibly look really pricey, but really you could change the carpet without going broke. Changing the carpet helps to remove odors from the rooms and that also does not entail a huge amount of cash. It can be done very inexpensively.


Another great thing you can do is the landscaping and it can be done fairly cheaply. Remember, there are cheap ways to make the yard look better, like just mowing the yard and trimming the hedges and removing all of the kids toys.


Regardless, you should generally control when you’d spend your cash by simply thinking of your essential aspiration of selling your home fast. Your emotions can play a great role in regards to your cash. You may be searching for an effective method to sell your home fast. By simply recognizing this, you can make a lot of progress toward your aspiration.


Conversely, if you don’t have the money to do any of these repairs you can always fall back on the option of a real estate investor as mentioned above. If you are in the Metroplex area in Texas, then one place to contact is  – they buy properties all day long! You can learn more about them here – How To Sell Your House Fast In Fort Worth

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Update On Hard Money Lenders

For those of you that don’t understand what a hard money loan is, here is a little more information on them.


hard money lendersAlthough hard money loans for real estate have been around for quite some time, many people still do not fully understand what they are. In fact, many have the wrong idea about the loans. This is probably why many people will refer to the lenders as loan sharks. The truth is that these are special kinds of loans advanced by private individuals or small firms. The lender will advance the money for real estate purposes such as renovations or repairs. He will base the loan mainly on the value of the property and not so much on the creditworthiness of the borrower.



One of the main advantages that drive individuals to seeking hard money loans is the quick processing. Applying and processing a real estate loan through the normal channels such as banks or any other financial institution takes a considerable amount of time. As a matter of fact, the loan seeker or applicant may have to wait for weeks to know whether the loan was approved or not. However, the time period is much shorter when using hard money providers. This is mainly because they focus more on the current value of the property. Many will also have the latest information on the prevailing prices in the market.



The loan is collateral-based. This means that the main determining factor is the value of the property. In fact, some lenders may overlook a person’s creditworthiness if the property has a good value. Knowing this, many prospective borrowers including those with a not-so-good v credit repayment history will try to improve the property prior to talking to a provider. A well-kept property that is located in a good or prime location will be more appealing. Since the value of the property is key, the requirements from the borrower will be fewer. This is one explanation why many individuals seek them as a last-resort.



Many people are usually tasked in finding the right lender. They will be overwhelmed by the large number of potential lenders. Some will lack the necessary knowledge on how to go about the whole process of borrowing. Finding a good lender requires some research and time. The prospective money seeker should also consider some aspects. These include; the money lender’s reputation, his experience, the terms and conditions and much more. Getting the right hard money loans for real estate will only be a matter of time as long as the individual exercises due diligence and also follows the right approach.

Here is a video that will also explain a little more about what a hard money loan is and how it works –

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Sell Your House Fast Via Real Estate Investors

In the current declining real estate market, you can always sell your house quickly by reducing its price. However, there are other ways to improve the attractiveness of your home to enable it attract the best possible price within a very short time. Here are some proven tips to sell your house fast to investors.

If you want to sell your Florida house now without having to do anything then follow these links – Sell House Fast Tampa, How To Sell Your House Wesley Chapel, Sell My House Brandon  They are one of Florida’s best Real Estate Investment companies…. But, if you have some time you can try the tips below –


Sell Your House Fast


Differentiate Your House


If you want to sell your house quickly, then you have to make it stand out from the rest. This can be done through the following improvements:


Pressure wash the driveway – You probably haven’t noticed it yet, but a lot of dirt gradually accumulates on your driveway over the years. This can be very unsightly since it’s what people see first when they come to your home. First impressions are everything, so make your home more inviting to potential buyers by pressure washing your driveway, to reflect the quality of life inside.


Landscaping – Landscaping is another important thing you can do to improve the value of your property. Take a few days off and turn your boring lawn into a beautiful artwork by planting some flowers or grass.


Painting – Apply fresh paint to your windows, doors, trims and even walls if needed. It helps to give your home a new look, making it more attractive to real estate investors.


Update Door Knobs – Potential buyers will notice small things, like outdated door knobs while they’re inspecting your home. So, if the knobs are still in good condition, just clean them to make them more appealing, but if they’re outdated, replace them.


Clean Everything – Thoroughly clean all windows and doors both inside and out to give a better outside view and lighting. Also clean other parts of the house, including bathrooms, kitchen sink, and bedrooms to make it more presentable.


Make sure that any improvements you do are practical, and appeal to a wider audience. Also, the colors and designs you use should compliment your home and its amenities.


Clean the Clutter


Clean all the clutter from your home before selling it to real estate investors. Getting rid of junk not only makes the rooms look bigger and cleaner, but also brings out the overall beauty of your property.


Set The Right Price


You can spend a lot of money in improving and marketing your property, but if the price is wrong, it may not sell. It’s therefore important that you do a thorough research to help you set the right price. You can start by searching online for the prices of local properties with the same features as yours. Don’t be afraid to contact local real estate agents to help you calculate the right price.


Implement the above tips to enable you sell your house fast to investors.

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How To Sell Your Home In Today’s Market

Sell Your House

Selling your own home might sound like an easy thing but it is not that easy. There a several things that you have to do in order to ensure your home is ready for sell and not just just ready, but read enough so that you can be able to convince the buyer so you can also earn more from the whole deal. Therefore some of the important steps that you have to take before, during and when closing the deal are as follows;

First step you clean your home in all corners thoroughly. Cleaning your home well will help the appraisers value your home well and you will therefore be able to earn more from the sell. It may not be easy for you to clean the home well because you are likely to overlook some places and that is why specialists advise you that you can cash out some little money and get professional cleaners who will make sure your home is sparkling clean allover. You should also get rid of any unnecessary materials that may be in your home during the cleaning. After this cleaning you can have your home inspected so they can tell you if there is any part of the home e.g electrical appliances that might need repair before going any further with your selling procedure. Do as they recommend then get your home in a condition that is ready for anyone to move in and then go to the next step.

This next step is having a certified appraiser evaluate your home and give you the range of the likely price for your home. As the owner of the house you are discouraged not to price your own home because chances are you will set the price higher than it should be and this has the effect of causing you to have a hard time finding a buyer. This is why you are urged to get an appraiser because most times they are always updated on the prices of such real estates.

The third step is particularly important because it now involves marketing the home to potential buyers. But before you start marketing it there are several essential points that you need to note. First is that you need to know when to market it e.g most people are always likely to move to new homes during summer i.e when their kids are on holiday and not when studies are going on so you therefore need to take this factor into consideration. The other thing is knowing where potential buyers could be located so you can focus your resources towards them to help you get a buyer quickly. You then finally prepare your home for staging where you will be taking your buyers around showing them the home. You are advised to make the home spacious so the buyers could see the home big and enough to fit their properties. After you have well ensured the above factors are well taken care of you then go ahead and market your home now though online advertising, Fliers, word of mouth via you friends, family and business partners and you can also go out on fishing for potential buyers. You can also erect ‘For Sale’ sign outside your home if there is traffic around the neighborhood.

The fourth step is receiving a bid. You should also give yourself a time limit in which if you do not receive any offer you lower your price. Otherwise if an offer comes then use your bargaining and business skills to help you close the deal. you can even offer some incentives in order to convince your buyers on how good the home is.
Final step is simply closing the deal and receiving the cash. In this final stage you can take the deal to e.g a lawyer who can scrutinize it for you and if he/she says its good then quickly close the deal warmly.

With these step you should therefore be in a position to sell your own home well and with a profit without much struggle, try it and you will see how well it will work for you. If you don’t have time to do any of these items you can always look on the web to find a suitable purchaser who buys houses as-is. One great company in GA is here – We Buy Houses Woodstock, We Buy Houses Kennesaw, We Buy Houses Cartersville

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Finding The Best Hard Money Lender In Georgia

Do you repair and also market houses for a profit or your portfolio? Do you require a funds for your following financial investment? Then we have actually found the best business in Georgia. Angel Oak Prime Bridge Of Atlanta has lots of special financing programs to assist you obtain your very next realty financial investment property done.

Hard Money Lenders In Georgia

Lots of lenders wish you to pay all in advance fees. These include their points as well as application charges. Angel Oak Prime Bridge does not require these. They are the home of the no minimum down payment and also One Hundred Percent financing in Georgia. If you could buy your house as well as get the repair services done at 65 % of the homes mended worth then you do not have to pay any kind of money at closing.  No surprises when you show up to closing. When purchasing a home to restore they will provide you the money not simply to buy your home however will also lend you the cash to make all the repair services. Some lenders will just lend on the purchase of the house and not provide on the repairs making you utilize your very own squander of pocket to make all the repair works.

If you are a land lord then hard money loans do not always work for you. Prices at 12 % to 15 % make it tough to have a revenue at the end of the month. Angel Oak Prime Bridge is distinct in the reality that you acquire a hard money loan and also after repair services are full then you can then obtain a normal funding with a set price for 30 years making it much easier to make a profit every month. They additionally have financing for new building construction additionally. They will lend a bridge loan on the construction of the brand-new house and also allow you to have drawbacks throughout the structure procedure to be able to pay your specialists.

So whatever type of realty bargain you are needing to acquire funded Angel Oak Prime Bridge is the difficult money lender in Atlanta Georgia that offers all Georgia and also could acquire your offer done.

Learn more about them here –  Hard Money Lenders In Atlanta GA, Bridge Loan For Land Lords.

We received one or more of the products or services mentioned above for free in the hope that we would mention it on our blog. Regardless, we only recommend products or services we believe will be good for our readers.

Investing And Investors In Today’s Real Estate

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Real Estate investing

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We all know the real estate game has changed immensely in the past few years, and it is important to keep up with the latest strategies to stay on top and keep those real estate deals flowing. You need to know the best areas of the country to invest in and also the best techniques as to what is working and what is not.

We will also have information on getting more leads. As a real estate professional you know that leads are important to keep your business going. No leads, no deals. It’s important to keep up with the latest in harvesting new leads, whether it is some kind of flyer or being able to be found on the internet, we will have all the latest info.

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